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Our Cruisin'

Brad is out with his newest CD, Out Cruisin' which is the title track to this collection of songs.  'Out Cruisin' and 'As Lovely As You' were both written by good friend Niels Pedersen, and with his permission, Brad was able to take the songs to the studio and produce what you hear on this CD with the very talented Rob Deacon behind the controls.  Brad hired out local talent for keyboard and saxophone and a studio musician from Nashville to add Pedal Steel Guitar, Bass and Electric Guitar. Brad wanted to make sure that the original pieces would blend in well with the mix of songs that he covered by other artists on this CD. You will be sure to enjoy the vocal talent that makes each song come alive as Brad puts his heart and soul into each piece as he always does.  Brad was able to showcase his abilities behind the drums on these two original tracks as well as acoustic guitar and other percussion instruments and played the bass on the track 'As Lovey As You'.  Be sure to go 'Out Cruisin' some Saturday night and enjoy listening to this CD while you drive down any "Back Road, Side Road, Dirt Road or any Road'. Enjoy!
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