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- I wanted to reach out and tell you what an impact your music had on my mom today. We had the pleasure of enjoying your music at the home where she lives.  My mom and I were sitting off to your left. Her dementia has been declining rapidly, which is extremely difficult to see. But today she smiled again, sang to herself and clapped along. She has always enjoyed music…..especially Elvis (haha) and I was afraid she’d lost that love too. But seeing her happy this afternoon brings me so much joy, even if it was just for the hour. 
THANK YOU! - Welland
- Brad, I have to tell are special. Performing in nursing homes is not an easy job, it's not like playing in a band shell, every one enjoys it.  Playing in a nursing home is different.  The reaction is incredible, however they don't always show it, but they all love your music.  I hope you will never forget the nursing homes . -FB
- Your performance tonight at our home was fantastic! I'm a PSW, and I came to see a bit of it during my supper break. I got there just as you started singing the Hawaiian Christmas song. I hope you remember the lady with the red top and dark hair that you danced a little with, because she is the resident I mentioned once before who has to be your biggest fan. I really think you made her whole year with the attention she got from you, and for that I thank you. What you do for our residents with your performances means so much to them, and I'm sure she won't forget tonight. I hope you'll be back again in the not so distant future, and I hope I'll have a chance to thank you in person. We all really loved your show tonight. Thank you! - Dunnville
- I just wanted to pass on a note of appreciation to you for arranging for Brad to share with our Ministry yesterday. Please extend our appreciation as well to Brad for taking many of us down Memory Lane with so many oldies but goldies. I have had numerous comments and emails telling me how much people enjoyed Brad’s performance yesterday. Someone even asked when he was coming back since they missed it yesterday but had heard so many good comments. We hope to have him back again some day! - Port Colborne
- On behalf of my family, I want to thank you very much for your surprise visit and serenade for our mom.  It was so kind of you and I can't tell you how much it meant to her and us.  You are truly a gift to this community with the positive energy and joy you spread.  Mom is definitely your #1 fan! - Fort Erie
- Obituary - Joan enjoyed herself most when Brad Boland came to entertain and sang her often requested “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”.  
- Our residents LOVE the way you perform!  The BEST entertainer!!!  Stoney Creek
- Brad is great! He just blows the competition out of the water! 😊 Niagara Falls Retirement Home
- Thank you so very much for entertaining our family.  You are a very talented entertainer.  Every one had a great time listening to you and they all commented on how great your performance was and also on your singing .  I will definitely keep you in mind for our next family get together and if any one in my circle are looking for entertainment, I will definitely recommend you highly.  Again Thank you so much. - Niagara Falls
- Brad performed for my mom's 89th birthday.  His performance was absolutely fantastic and very personalized.  It was a moving experience and gave me a positive way to connect with my mom who no longer recognizes me.  My mom was actively singing, laughing or tapping along with the songs.  I highly recommend hiring Brad Boland Entertainment for an unforgettable musical performance tailored to your specific needs! Niagara Falls
- Thank you so much for the joy your performance brought to many at Linhaven today.  Music touches a special place in the minds and memories of most of us and it's especially joyful to see the reaction of those with dementia... singing along to the lyrics without missing a word even when the dementia is severe...  I waas especially touched by the respectful way you spoke to the residents in the audience - just like they were people and not just people who are physically and/or mentally ill. Thank you again. Daughter of a resident with severe dementia
- My wife and I and a few friends saw you perform in Chippawa tonight.  I just have to say Thank You for a great time.  You brought the crowd together as a collective through music and dance, not all entertainers can accomplish such a thing.  Thanks for the experience!
- I just have to share with you, when my mother was at St. Catharines Place ... and you came to play, my mom never missed a beat!  My mom passed away in 2015 ... and I play your CD all the time ... I just LUV it!                                                             
- Just wanted to send out a THANK YOU for all you do and for being an amazing person especially to seniors. I discovered you in 2016 at shaver when with an elderly neighbour who was there. You got her out of her room and enjoying life again. She was at 3 different long term care homes and you were at every one. We always got excited when we saw your name on the calendar 🙂. I was "just a neighbour" but she had no family that came around so it was her and I thru it all. Our last visit we spent listening to one of your cds and talked about "the good ol days" and watched the video you posted with your dog "singing" along. She laughed uncontrollably at it. Who would have known that would have been our last visit together..she passed away yesterday 😢. Sorry this got a little long but just wanted to let you know you make a huge difference in people's lives...THANK YOU for that ❤. Take care and keep doing what your doing 🙂
- Hi Brad, my son and I were at Chippawa to watch you tonight. As usual, you gave a fantastic performance!!  My son is autistic and sings with a choir,  and they have done a few of the songs you did tonight. He really had fun.  Thank you for blessing us all with your amazing talent.
- I wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to Brad.  He was amazing!!! Watching him perform and the smiles and good vibes from the audience was very special to witness.  Not only is Brad a talented musician but his personality and disposition put him on a special plane.  No wonder he is loved by many. Looking forward to working with you in the future. - Niagara Falls
- Brad was the live entertainment at our wedding, August 14, 2021.  He was phenomenal!!  He was engaging, entertaining, energetic!  Made our reception absolutely PERFECT!!  Our guests loved him!  Having Brad kept many guests longer than they normally would've stayed.  We will definitely have Brad back just for an outdoor show in the near future!  - Welland
- Thank you so much for your joyful voice and great talent! I'm a caregiver for one of the seniors at Seasons Cambridge, and my friend absolutely loved your time today. I caught the last two songs, Sweet Caroline and Knock Three Times (2 of my personal favourites!) and I wished I could've been there for more! I hope you'll be back with us soon!
- Thank you again for making our residents and staff’s day… what a success June 1st was….. the joy that you brought to all and families was immeasurable 😊
- Hello Brad,
Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance today.  I think it lifted the spirits of many. Your generosity in sharing your talent and warm engagement was just what we needed.Here's what I shared with Linhaven's Family Council:
I wanted to share I witnessed something this afternoon that filled me with hope. A musician, Brad Boland, performed in the Rose Garden this afternoon.  I counted 38 residents in attendance. Other than the staff wearing masks and shields, and the distance maintained between residents, it seemed like the kind of event that preceded pandemic times. Some residents were smiling, clapping, singing along. The staff wonderfully engaged them by holding hands, dancing and encouraging the residents to have fun. My own mother was tapping her lap with both hands. It's been such a long time since we've had a normal gathering.  I think it lifted the spirits of many. The staff did a phenomenal job transporting residents to the garden, and engaging them. I felt grateful to see it with my own eyes.  Hope for more days of liberation ahead.
Very kind regards,
Essential visitor for one of the residents at Linhaven.
- Brad Boland is amazing!!!! I work for Community Living and was given Brad’s name to do a live performance for the clients I support. He booked the 1st live show very fast. My clients invited their family members and everyone was singing and dancing along. Brad took song requests and was able to fill all requests on the spot. When the show was over the families and clients all commented on how AMAZING it was and would love to enjoy it again. Due to Covid 19, we weren’t able to have Brad come to the house. He had no problem setting up a Zoom performance. During the Zoom performance Brad was interacting with the clients and having them sing and dance alone. Covid has been a hard time for everyone and to see the smiles on everyone’s face was great…..they still talk about it. I asked if Brad has any DVD or CD available and the list of what he had available was emailed to me. We showed my clients the You tube video’s for each DVD and CD and they picked….we bought most of them. We just booked a Zoom performance with Brad on Sunday Feb 14 (Valentine’s day). My clients are very excited. Brad emails a You tube clip of what he will be performing. Brad is amazing and very easy to get organized with. Book a live or Zoom performance and you won’t be disappointed.
- We had Brad come to entertain at our Mom's 80th birthday party at a Long Term Care home.  Brad was not only an amazing performer, but was very good with our Mom who suffers from dementia.  She just lite up while he sang her favorite Elvis songs!  It brought so much joy to her and her family.  Thank you so much for making a special day, even more special! - Burlington
- I have in front of me the cover of your 'Songs of Yesterday' CD - how often we listen to your wonderful voice and the songs recorded.  We first had the pleasure of hearing you at Heidleberg Village but most recently it was with my daughter while she was a 2 month patient at Shaver Hospital who heard you and your music and told me how everyone loves it when you visit them...that I can truly believe!  Although I am a great deal older than you, music has been a big part of my life as I have worked a great deal in the music industry, so you can understand why I do so enjoy your CD.  You have a wonderful voice and a very pleasing demeanor when entertaining!  Thought I would just share with you what music has been to me and how beautiful your CD has enriched me even more.  With thanks and appreciation. - St. Catharines
- We want to thank you so much for your outstanding performance last night!  Your show was spectacular! Thanks for being so accommodating.  As you can tell, they loved your music. Hope we can get you again next year! - Vineland
-I want you to know how amazing you were Saturday night.  The music and your voice added a special piece to a very special evening for all of us.  To see my mom and dad get up and dance brought tears to our eyes.  She told me she would have danced all night. You never know what to expect when you hire someone you have never seen - and you were outstanding.  We won't hesitate to recommend you again and maybe a chance to have you play for us in the future. - NOTL
- Just listened to your Elvis youtube video you posted a month or so ago. You are likely the one person that sounds the closest to Elvis of anyone I've ever heard. I was wondering at first if you were only lip-synching. Good video. - Iron Bridge
- We have been home from Florida for a couple of weeks. I just had to tell you how much we enjoyed your Songs of Yesterday. It took us through some mighty hard to get radio signal places along the way .If you do another disc , let me know.  - Niagara Falls
- On behalf the Mayor’s Welcome Reception planning committee, I just wanted to thank you for your delightful musical contributions throughout the evening on Friday. I heard several compliments during the night from delegates about how much they enjoyed your performance. Thanks to you there was never a dull moment inside Elements – many delegates never left the restaurant after you started playing. The planning committee and delegates greatly appreciated your organization and professionalism. I hope that in the future we will have the chance to work together again!  - Niagara Falls
- Today you reached Dad in a special way. Dad  loves your style and warm affection!  He said 'I will be praying for him!'  That was a HUGE moment that meant so much to me as Dad has been declining cognitively and doesn't talk about prayer much anymore.  We had a delightful afternoon, thanks to your divine appointment!  - Vineland
- Brad ... Thank-you so much for playing at our wedding!  You did a fantastic rendition of Locklin's "Let Me Be The One" and my personal favourite, "Bing's 'White Christmas'".  You made the night!  - Delhi, ON
- Hi Brad,
Thank you for another great night!  We had so much fun and everyone LOVED your music, our guests were really raving about you & how good you are, I have shared your name with a number of people.
Thank you again Brad for such a great job, you were terrific!
- We just had Brad sing in our retirement home for the first time, and he is the best yet!  - Burlington
- "Brad, you were great.  Everyone had a great time.  The only complaint I have was the dance floor was too small.  It felt like a High School Shuffle.  We want to book you again but at a bigger hall". - Delhi, ON
- I bought your latest CD 'A Walk in Harmony' the other night at your performance and I love it!  I started off listening to one song and then I couldn't go to sleep until I listened to the whole CD!  What talent!  You must be so proud of your son!  I just wanted to call to tell you that.  - St. Catharines
- I was driving with my brother (who knows and is a critic of music) and I put on your song 'Hallelujah' from the Harmony CD.  I wanted to know what he thought.  After listening to it, he said it was the best rendition of that song he has ever heard! - Niagara Falls
- Thank you so very much for the wonderful entertainment you provided today for our volunteer recognition event.  I have already received a few emails from some of our volunteers who were quite delighted by the event and your performance in particular.  Thank you for making the day so memorable for them. - Burlington, ON
- Thank you so much for the performance last evening, we have had wonderful feedback from the residents, they had a lovely time.  I will look at your schedule online to see your availability, but we have had many requests for you to come back again really soon.  - Grimsby,
- You did an awesome job and everyone loved your music.  I have had so many people comment on how how talented you are and how much fun they had.  I hope I get a chance to book you in the future. - NOTL
- I just wanted to tell you, how much, I enjoyed the cd I bought. It was A Walk in Harmony. Your son, should be very proud. He is phenomenal!!!. I have a grandson his age, and I let him listen to the cd. My grandson, thought this was great. Keep up the good work. You and your son and band are all so great. I try to get to see you as much as I can follow.
- This is just a quick thank you for making my husband's 65th birthday party such a success. The music brought together a  group of past coworkers, family and friends. Brad's great performance was commented on by everyone. Again, thanks for making the day so special - Burlington
- I want to share with you how I come to know about Brad. My mother who goes to a hairdresser  at at Retirement Home was there this past Saturday and the CD was playing. Before she left she asked the hairdresser to see how she could  get a copy of the  'Then Sings My Soul CD'.  The hairdresser told her she would find out.  She called me to tell me how much she loved the CD and how the hymns reminded her of the time when she was a child going to church. I decided to look on line and I found the CD on your Entertainment page.  She is so excited that I have got her a copy of both of the CD's which I know she will enjoy. Her 80th birthday is this Thursday, and I already know how much she is looking forward to receiving it.
- I have long enjoyed listening to you when you perform at Linhaven. Today was no exception as I can't tell you how my Dad stares at you with a smile as he has no motion left in his body. Thank you from our family for what you do. You have a special gift. - St. Catharines
- I would like to say thank you, thank you for the most enjoyable hour of entertainment last evening.  Those present thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and selection of songs.  Happy seniors make for a happy chairperson.  We will certainly have you back again sometime in the New Year.  Once again thank you. - St. Catharines
- Just wanted to express our gratitude to all of you for your hard work to make our dances so special. Last Saturday's dance was probably our favourite dance ever - and we've been in the club 14 years! - NOTL
- Our Papa  passed away on Sunday morning.  As we have been sharing memories about him, your name has often come up. You were such an important part of his last few years and we have been playing your albums at the funeral home during visitation tonight. Thank you for the joy that you always brought to him. You are such a blessing. Thank you! - Niagara Falls
- I wanted to send you a sincere thank you for your gift of music at the Hotel Dieu Shaver.  My mother had a stroke around the end of September.  She has been in the hospital for several weeks which has been stressful but I can see how dedicated my dad is to my mom.  Thank you for singing Cathy's Clown for them.  The golden oldies is a big part of their love story and I was so happy to see my parents holding hands and enjoying your performance. - St. Catharines
- I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the way you interacted with our resident yesterday.  I’ve had a few staff and family members approach me to say that they were more than impressed by how you dealt with the situation.  I’m sure it isn’t easy for you when a resident is invading your space when you are trying to perform but you handled it extremely well.  I just wanted to let you know that it didn’t go unnoticed.  Your professionalism and couth are very much appreciated by the residents, staff and family members at our home. - Fort Erie
- I just wanted to take the time to say thank you! We had you play at our wedding at Hornblower. My mother was the one who had enjoyed your music at previous weddings and booked you, with so much planning going on we trusted her judgement and hoped for the best! In the end, you did not disappoint! Everybody had a great time and commented a lot on the great music! You stayed busy the whole time and unfortunately we did not get a chance to thank you in person. So, thank you for making our wedding the perfect day! My mom had nothing but good things to say throughout, even mentioning how easy your wife was to work with during the booking/scheduling process.  Thanks again and keep up the great work, you are extremely talented!  - Niagara Falls
- A group of us were talking the other night and we all agreed you were the best entertainer the legion had hired.  we really enjoy listening to your record! Burlington
- Thanks so much for coming out Friday night & doing the music for my aunt's birthday party.  The attendees are still raving about it, and mostly about you!
- Thank-you Brad for a very successful event this evening!  I knew you would be popular with most of the residents, but your musical talent and pleasant manner endeared you to EVERYONE!  I haven't seen people so animated in a long time. - St. Catharines

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